A thermodynamic database for the calculation of phase diagrams in micro-soldering 
alloys systems, which include the elements Ag, Bi, Cu, In, Pb, Sb, Sn and Zn 
has been developed using the CALPHAD method. The various thermodynamic parameters 
for describing the Gibbs energies have been evaluated by optimizing experimental 
data on phase boundary compositions and thermochemical properties such as activity, 
heat of mixing and enthalpy of formation. The database provides the liquidus
surfaces, isothermal and vertical section diagrams, the mole fraction of 
phase constituents, etc., in multi-component soldering alloys. Related information
such as the surface tension and viscosity of the liquid phase can also be calculated.
( ADAMIS / Pandat system ) 
This database will be very useful for developing new Pb-bearing and Pb-free solders.

 ADAMIS supports all combinations of elements, and all composition ranges.

ADAMIS Component Composition Range (wt%)
Ag 0 - 100
Bi 0 - 100
Cu 0 - 100
In 0 - 100
Pb 0 - 100
Sb 0 - 100
Sn 0 - 100
Zn 0 - 100
Available binary systems are as follows: Ag-Bi Ag-Cu Ag-In Ag-Pb Ag-Sb Ag-Sn Ag-Zn Bi-Cu Bi-In Bi-Pb Bi-Sb Bi-Sn Bi-Zn Cu-In Cu-Pb Cu-Sb Cu-Sn Cu-Zn In-Pb In-Sb In-Sn In-Zn Pb-Sb Pb-Sn Pb-Zn Sb-Sn Sb-Zn Sn-Zn Available ternary systems are as follows: Ag-Bi-Cu Ag-Bi-In Ag-Bi-Pb Ag-Bi-Sb Ag-Bi-Sn Ag-Bi-Zn Ag-Cu-In Ag-Cu-Pb Ag-Cu-Sb Ag-Cu-Sn Ag-Cu-Zn Ag-In-Pb Ag-In-Sb Ag-In-Sn Ag-In-Zn Ag-Pb-Sb Ag-Pb-Sn Ag-Pb-Zn Ag-Sb-Sn Ag-Sb-Zn Ag-Sn-Zn Bi-Cu-In Bi-Cu-Pb Bi-Cu-Sb Bi-Cu-Sn Bi-Cu-Zn Bi-In-Pb Bi-In-Sb Bi-In-Sn Bi-In-Zn Bi-Pb-Sb Bi-Pb-Sn Bi-Pb-Zn Bi-Sb-Sn Bi-Sb-Zn Bi-Sn-Zn Cu-In-Pb Cu-In-Sb Cu-In-Sn Cu-In-Zn Cu-Pb-Sb Cu-Pb-Sn Cu-Pb-Zn Cu-Sb-Sn Cu-Sb-Zn Cu-Sn-Zn In-Pb-Sb In-Pb-Sn In-Pb-Zn In-Sb-Sn In-Sb-Zn In-Sn-Zn Pb-Sb-Sn Pb-Sb-Zn Pb-Sn-Zn Sb-Sn-Zn list of phases ADAMIS / Pandat brochure ADAMIS brochure ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information please contact us. go to home
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