MDTS thermodynamic database

          CrS, FeS, MnS and TiS
          controlling these sulfides is an extremely important factor 
          for the purpose of improving the quality of the steel.

     The database contains the following elements

     with data for the following phases,

     Liquid, austenite, ferrite, MnS_B1, MS_B81, Ti4C2S,
     Beta1, Beta2, Cementite, M23C6, M6C, M7C3, Sigma, 

     This has 2 important phases,
          [ MnS_B1 ] Mn-rich Q phase, NaCl/B1-type, (Cr,Fe,Mn,Ti)S
          [ MS_B81 ] Fe-rich P phase, NiAs/B8-type, (Cr,Fe,Mn,Ni,Ti)S , pyrrhotite.

  MDTS diagram

  calculated result : Fe-Mn-S isothermal diagram 1400 C

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